Product List

Suppliers of all primary processed Aggregates

T1 Granite

Granite dust 0-2m 0-5m

Granite  2-6m, 4-10m,10- 20,4-20m,20-32m,10,63m


6m 10m 20m 40m Stone

10m and 20m Ballast

Sharp Sand

Soft washed building sand

Dry screened brick laying sand

Sand fill


Tested topsoil’s subsoil’s hoggin and Gravel

BS3882 as dug or screened topsoil

General purpose Screened topsoil

As dug or graded hoggin

As dug or graded gravel

As dug tested subsoil


Recycled materials

T1 Crushed concrete with frost heave Type 1 X type 3

T1 Ash

75m 6F2 crushed      

6F1 Concrete

6n Concrete

75m concrete clean no fines

75-125 crushed concrete

40-20m concrete

Crushed materials suitable for permeable paving


Sharp Sand


10m 20m 40m stone


Muck Away service available for

Inert Soils and Clay

Non Hazardous


Mixed waste- wood, green waste etc

Demo waste hardcore

Concrete / Brick

Asphalt / Tarmac  


8 wheel tippers with weigh loaders

8 wheel self loading grab Lorries